Kaesa’s crispy breadsticks with rye, lingonberry, barkmeal and blueberry are high in fibre, with a wholesome taste of rye.

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Lingonberry breadsticks

Made from a sourdough starter and bursting with lingonberries, Kaesa’s high-fibre lingonberry breadsticks provide a healthy, tasty snack at home or when out and about. Why not use lingonberry breadsticks to spoon ice cream or a lingonberry fool?

“A must on cheese platters and in bread selections!”

Blueberry breadsticks

Made from a sourdough starter, Kaesa’s healthy blueberry breadsticks have a high rye content and slightly sweet taste. The light and crispy breadsticks are ideal for bread selections, with coffee, as a treat for an evening with friends and even as an accompaniment to a sweet dessert.

“A favourite snack on car journeys.”